Our Franchisee Model

In India, the foodservice industry has evolved from homegrown, standalone, family-run business ventures to international partnerships with various business models. Specific to Quick Service Restaurants, the Fast Food Franchise model remains one of the most attractive operating models for international brands foraying into India.

Restaurant franchising is essentially used for expanding business and distributing goods and services to meet higher consumer demand. It is a relationship between the brand owner and the local operator to skilfully extend the already established business. Before commencing operation of the franchise, the franchise makes a required payment or commits to make a required payment to the franchisor or its affiliate.

Now, fast food and QSR’s are one of the most blooming formats in India. International brands, as well as local brands who want to scale across the country, are readily accepting the franchising model.

Advantages of our Franchise

  • Instant Brand Recognition
  • In-Depth Training Process
  • Financing
  • Support etc.

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